general assembly activity

You deserve to know what happens in the General Assembly. I try to update this page as frequently as I can so that you can be as informed as possible. 


Introducing the prince william County firefighters

The Prince William Professional Fire Fighters, Local 2598 came to the capitol to advocate for HB 1245, a bill that would expand cancer presumption for Virginia's fire fighters. I hope that we can fight for them as much as they have fought for us. 

Press conference on Criminal justice reform

My bill, HB 446, a bill that would make driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license punishable as a traffic infraction rather than as a misdemeanor in cases in which the individual's licenses was revoked or suspended for failure to pay court-ordered fines.

Ella Baker youth leadership program

My Ella Baker Youth Leadership Program gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to visit the State Capitol to learn the ins and outs of Virginia government. Students sit in on committee meetings, meet advocacy groups, shadow me, and meet with Governor Ralph Northam and Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax. It was an honor to welcome these students from Stafford and Prince William to the capitol.


Below are the bills, amendments and resolutions that have been filed for consideration in the 2018 legislative session. Please subscribe to my newsletter for details on the status of these bills.


HJ 58: A study to examine the feasibility of extending the Metro Blue Line to Quantico. 

HB 72 (Co-Patroning with Delegate Thomas) - Requires the total cost of a transportation project to be considered in evaluating projects under the statewide prioritization process. The bill requires the Commonwealth Transportation Board to evaluate congestion mitigation on the basis of total traffic volumes, not just traffic volumes during weekdays. This bill would help Stafford access the funds it needs for transportation. 


HB 443 - Allows students who test out of foreign language classes or who have autism to take a coding class in place of a foreign language requirement. This bill helps prepare students for the 21st century economy.

HJ 126 - A study to determine the amount to which the Commonwealth underfunds the Standards of Quality and makes localities pick up the tab.

HB 442 - Requires the Department of Education to develop, maintain, and make available to each local school board a catalogue of the testing accommodations available to English language learners for Career and Technical Education tests so that schools can ensure that English as Second Language learners have the testing accommodations to which they are entitiueld.

Tackling the Opioid Epidemic

HB 1429 - Requires the Department of Social Services to collect data on the number of children being surrendered into foster care because their parents are suffering from opioid addiction. This bill is a request from the Health Department so they can tailor their strategy to fight the opioid epidemic. 

Fighting for Children

HB 418 - Reduces barriers in the statute to make it easier for foster parents to adopt their foster children. 

Supporting Veterans

HB 1316 - Creates a special license plate bearing the legend I SUPPORT WOMEN VETERANS. This bill would then give the funds generated by this license plate to the Department of Veteran Services to fund programs that support women veterans. 

Budget Amendments

Widewater State Park - $1 million to provide staffing at Widewater State Park and $7 million to fund the completion of Phase II at the park including trails and picnic areas. 

Criminal Justice Reform

HB 113 - Raises the grand larceny threshold from $200 to $1000.

HB 444 - Requires at least one member of the Parole Board to meet with prisoners in person, instead of deciding a prisoner's fate from an email.

HB 445 - Provides that the penalty for driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license where the reason for the suspension or revocation was a person's failure to pay court-ordered fines and costs is punishable as a traffic infraction. Currently, the offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

HB 441 - Provides that anyone acquitted of a crime get their records automatically expunged. 

The Environment

HB 182 - Prohibits any company that has coal ash ponds from simply closing the coal ash ponds by "capping the coal in place." Instead, the company must either recycle the ash or place the coal ash in a properly lined landfill.