visit us at the capitol

we're here to help

My office is always here to assist the residents of the 2nd District. For any issue, or to arrange a visit, please reach out to or call my office at (571) 402-5704. Here are a few things we can do for you:

Register to Vote

You can register to vote up to 22 days before a Virginia primary or general election at the Virginia Department of Elections.


The Virginia State Capitol houses the the oldest elected legislative body in North America, the Virginia General Assembly, first established in 1619. The Capitol building itself was conceived of by Thomas Jefferson and was completed in 1788. My office is happy to arrange a tour.

request a birthday, anniversary or CONGRATULATORY message

My office can arrange official messages to celebrate a special occasion. Please reach out in advance to give us adequate time to complete your request.

help you NAVIGATE a state agency

Whether you are dealing with the Department of Veteran Services, the Department of Motor Vehicles or any other state agency, navigating the state government bureaucracy can often be a confusing and scary. Though my office cannot always resolve every issue, we can always point you in the right direction. 

Arrange a time to discuss legislation

My first priority is always to serve you well. I take your opinions into account every time I take a vote or propose a piece of legislation. If you have opinions on certain bills or have a bill idea for me, please let my office know so we can arrange a time to meet.